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why made in britain matters

Updated: Feb 4

Making here matters. A lot.

Made in Britain
Made in London

Making here reduces miles and sustains skills.

Making here minimises waste and saves on shipping.

Albeit important, these are abstract arguments – it is the urgent human ones that are more immediately compelling to us.

Made in Britain means making here - and making here helps sustain people’s livelihoods.

Making here ensures that skilled hands are not separated from well-repaired machines , nor rendered redundant by that separation.

Making here supports the survival of expertise and opportunity – things that are as important for those that are here now, as they will be for those that come after.

"Those" are of course the makers themselves and their apprentices – but not just.

"Those" are also the fashion students and emerging designers that depend on them; the established designers that sample (and hopefully make) with them. And "those" are also all of us – all of us that need linings replaced, hems tidied, a bust let out or a waist taken in. A repair here on an upgrade there. Without the skills here, none of that is possible.

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