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here, now

We go the extra mile to source and to make everything we can here in the British Isles.


We source and make here for a host of reasons; we can source and make in small quantities and we can avoid shipping charges, customs delays and exchange rate variables. We can make our mistakes small and we can repair them fast. We can meet our makers, learn from them and work closely with them to make sure we are making the best coats we can.


Beyond the practical considerations, there are human ones. Our hope is that in our small way, we can contribute to opportunities for our suppliers and makers. By helping to showcase their work, we hope to sustain and preserve the fantastic mills and skills and makers that we have here.


We know that we must do so now if current livelihoods are to survive and future generations are able to train with and succeed them. The cost of us not working with them is bigger than we might imagine.

our coats are cut, made and finished in london
our fabrics are woven in the british isles
our patterns are cut and graded in london

Bespoke British Made Coat
Bespoke British Made Coat
Bespoke British Made Coat
Musa - 3 (2).jpeg

musa apparel

Our makers are Musa Apparel in East London. It is thanks to the skilled hands and practiced eyes of Musa's makers, their well-oiled machines and sharpened shears, that our designs are brought to life.


The construction of our coats is intricate and their making requires careful handling and meticulous attention to detail.


We offer our styles in a broad size range in an unusually extensive array of fabrics – often in different widths and with many different patterns, weights and handles. To make each coat, the pattern lay-out must be reconsidered, the weighting altered; customisations and size alterations carried through.


Working with Musa enables us to make our coats exactly the way our customers want them, minimising wastage. It also allows us to offer repair and alteration services, giving fresh life to customers' coats when they need it. And last, but by no means least, it provides opportunities for skilled workers, here – preserving skills and sustaining livelihoods.

our passementerie closures are woven in suffolk
our leather bias is made in somerset
our buttons are covered in kent

Bespoke British Made Coat
Bespoke British Made Coat
Linton Tweeds Bouclé
Bespoke British Made Coat


EdNerat sources all its fabrics with great care in the United Kingdom.


We are thrilled to have found and to be able to work with a wide and growing array of family-owned and centuries-old mills and weavers who work with true craftsmanship to produce their textiles.

All our wonderful wools, tactile tweeds, fantastic flannels, beautiful bouclés, luscious linens and bewitching brocades are made with exacting craftsmanship here in the United Kingdom.


Owing to the lack of British makers, we have made an exception to our "made in Britain" rule with our light silk linings and silk matkas.

our garment labels are embroidered in london
our stationery is printed in london, wales & cornwall
our care labels are woven in wales

Bespoke British Made Coat
Bespoke British Made Coat
Bespoke British Made Coat
Bespoke British Made Coat

from somerset, suffolk & beyond

Amongst our marvellous suppliers are the likes of the legendary and utterly magical Linton Tweeds, original and first supplier of tweed to Chanel.  AW Hainsworth, which has clothed royalty, dressed palaces and created ceremonial military cloths for more than two centuries, provides us with jewel-like solid-coloured merino wools – both warm and wearable! 


The delightful Somerset-based Fox Brothers, original creators of flannel and purveyors to everyone on Saville Row, spoil us with the most luxuriously soft merino jacketing.  And finally (for the moment) there is Stephen Walters, a Suffolk-based artisan weaver of three centuries standing. Makers of fabrics for coronation robes and state coaches, royal wedding dresses and more, for EdNerat they weave the most bewitching of brocades.

our padded hangers are sewn in wales
our coat covers & carriers are made in the midlands
our quilting is sewn in lancashire

Bespoke British Made Coat
Labelling - 3.jpeg
Bespoke British Made Coat
Labelling - 11.jpeg

sourcing short

We always buy in short lengths which has three key advantages.


Firstly, it means we can keep wastage low – we don't end up throwing away huge roll-ends.

Secondly, and rather excitingly, it means that we can spend heaps of time selecting from the rich and ever-changing array of fabulous fabrics that British mills produce.


Thirdly, it means you won't be one of hundreds wearing any one of our coats. Many of the fabrics we use are only produced in limited quantities and we buy short lengths of these. Most of our coats are produced from these short runs of fabric, a subset are true one-offs. 

our boxes are made in woolwich
our sealing wax is made in scotland
our art work is designed in essex

British Made Boxes
Bespoke British Made Coat
Bespoke British Made Coat
Bespoke British Made Coat

roll ends & remnants

We also occasionally source high quality British-made end of rolls and remnants, supporting these and other businesses while helping to reduce waste and keep costs down. 

The only exception to our British-made rule are our light silks. All our silks are sourced and cut in the UK and many of them are also dyed here, but sadly we have not found a British maker. 

We are always interested to explore British makers of distinctive, high quality cloths.


If you are a maker and interested to work with us, please do get in touch at  

our coats are photographed in wales
our coats are packed & shipped from wales
our photography is printed in wales

Padded Hangers
Bespoke British Made Coat
Bespoke British Made Coat
British Made Padded Hangers

with grateful thanks to all our makers
we salute your craft.

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