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EdNerat coats are made for wearing all the time.

Most of us spend relatively little time on parade or posing for photographs – the rest of the time our coats are on, but open.

In devising EdNerat coats we had women's real coat-wearing lives in mind and worked hard to create shapes that would be elegant all of the time – coats that could be worn open every bit as elegantly as they can be worn closed. 

Our Nicholson and Hamnett coats aren't intended to close at all, but the rest of our coats 'meet' in the middle where they can be held in place and 'closed'. 

You can of course either opt to go without a closure altogether or to add your own, but should you wish us to supply (and or fit your coat with) one, we have sought out the best we could find and even gone so far as to design our own.

Ranging from small but solid, well-made and tactile hidden options to dramatically defining alternatives, we have closures to sort all tastes. We hope you find one that works for you.

brass hook & eye

Closures - 8 (1).jpeg
Closures - 30 (1).jpeg
Closures - 5 (3).jpeg
Closures - 6 (3).jpeg

We offer these brass rounded closures in three colours: brass, silver and a dark gunmetal grey.


Like our smaller leather closures, we recommend that these are sewn into the inside facings of our coats where they will sit almost invisibly with the merest hint glistening at the front edges.

The number of sets you will need will depend on the weight of your fabric and the extent to which you want to close up your coat. We are happy to advise on this and on positioning.


Both types of closure will hold the fronts of your coats neatly in 'meeting position' when secured.


Fitted, these closures cost £9.00, and unfitted, £5.00.

nappa leather hook & eye

Closures - 16 (1).jpeg
Closures - 34.jpeg
Closures - 11 (1).jpeg
Closures - 28 (1).jpeg

These wonderfully solid and tactile hooks and eyes are covered in deliciously soft nappa leather. We offer them in two sizes and four colours: black, dark brown, camel and orange. 

The larger sized closures will work best on the Frink or Hepworth and should be worn externally for comfort.

The smaller sized closures will work well sewn inside to invisibly close any of our coats. The number of sets you will need will depend on the weight of your fabric and the extent to which you want to close up your coat. We are happy to advise on this, on colours and on positioning.

Fitted our smaller leather closures cost £32.00 and £26.00 unfitted. The larger sized closures cost £40.00 fitted and £34.00 unfitted.


Watch - 1.jpeg
Closures - 1 (5).jpeg

We are thrilled to be working with the professional hand weaver, Clare Hedges, with whom we have designed a small range of very special handmade passementerie ornamentations which can sit on top of closures (or just sit for ornament's sake). For each commission, Clare spins the gimp, colour-matched to your specifications, before she weaves the gimp into your chosen design.


In developing our passementerie designs we had a keen eye to symmetry – considering not only the symmetry of the design when the coat is worn closed, but also when it is worn open. Every design necessarily has two elements which have been designed such that both elements perfectly mirrors its pair. While we can include closing loops as shown in some of the designs below, we recommend using these as ornamentation and using the brass closures shown above to actually hold the coats closed.

the crosshatch

Closures - 13 (1).jpeg
Closures - 18 (1).jpeg

The Crosshatch can sit horizontally as shown in the picture, or vertically, with the buttons set on the longer length of the 'mat'.

We recommend the Crosshatch be worn either as shown at the neck or at the waist. It will work particularly well on the waist on the Biffin, Fedden or Potter coats where it can sit either vertically or horizontally, according to choice.

The Crosshatch can also be worn on the waist on the Hepworth or at the under-bust join on the Frink. On all our other coats we would recommend it only be used at the neck.

the limning

Closures - 1.jpeg
Closures - 19 (1).jpeg
Watch - 1.jpeg

The Limning should sit vertically down the length of the coat as shown in the picture.

We recommend a single Limning be worn at the waist on the Biffin, Fedden or Potter coats where it will accentuate the waisted shape of the coat and where it can either match or give a dramatic contrast against the coat's outer fabric.

the gilding

Closures - 3 (1).jpeg
Closures - 36.jpeg
Closures - 23 (1).jpeg

The Gilding is one of the most versatile of our passementerie closures.


A single Gilding can be worn at the neck or waist, or multiple Gildings cascade down the front of the coat. Equally, the Gilding can sit horizontally as shown in the photograph, or at a jaunty upwards or downwards slant. 

The Gilding can work well on all our coats.

the cassone

Closures - 6 (1).jpeg
Closures - 14 (1).jpeg
Closures - 1 (1).jpeg

The Cassone is a larger closure and we would recommend only using one on any given coat.

A single Cassone can be worn at the neck of the Bell or Carrington Coat, or at the waist of the Biffin, Fedden or Potter.


Because of the depth of the Cassone, we do not recommend it is used on either the Hepworth or the Frink.

If you would like a closure added to your coat, please note this in the comments box when placing your order.
We will confirm the lead time on passementerie closures by return.

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