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We source a wide array of fabrics from all across the British Isles, offering an unparalleled choice of different textiles. We are thrilled to have found and to be able to work with a wide and growing array of family-owned and centuries-old mills and weavers who work with true craftsmanship to produce their textiles.​


All our wonderful wools, tactile tweeds, fantastic flannels, beautiful bouclés, luscious linens and bewitching brocades are made with exacting craftsmanship. For summer wear, we have made an exception to our "made in Britain" rule with our silk matkas.

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​If you need a particular colour fabric, do please get in touch with us and we will do our best to source it for you.


Similarly, if you would like a swatch of one our fabrics, please send us an email at; we will happily send one but kindly ask that you send it back once you are done with it.

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