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–  |  the frink  |  –

  • You can opt to have the Frink cut to a longer or shorter length, and its sleeves lengthened or shortened. 

  • You can chose to have the Frink made without pockets.

  • A lining and trim combination is suggested for each fabric, but you are free to choose from our house selection.

  • You can add closures to this coat.

– | the frink sizing | –

The size table below shows the measurements of the Frink coat in both inches and centimetres. The graphic and accompanying table show the points at which the measurements have been taken.


In selecting your size please remember that these are the garment measurements – your own measurements will be smaller than those shown on the chart – ie a size 8 might typically have a bust measurement of 83cm, fitting a coat with a bust of 91cm.

When selecting your size, please bear in mind what you think you might want to wear underneath your coat and remember that while we can take coats in, we cannot let them out. 

Bespoke British Made Coats

Measuring Notes:

The Frink gathers underneath the bust. The length and sleeve lengths have been measured from the collar. 

Frink Coat Measurements

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