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Limited Edition Ottoman Stripe Brocade


Woven by Stephen Walters, master weavers in Suffolk. We secured a small amount of this wonderful honey-ivory coloured flax-mix weave, allowing for only a couple of coats.


A gently reflective surface and a fine finish, this fabric has a wonderful soft-silken touch but is well- structured and holds its shape wonderfully. It is also, to all effects, creaseless.


This fabric is shown made up in the Delaney coat, lined in a cameo-coloured silk and trimmed with a latte coloured satin border for contrast.


Suitable for


The Nicholson

The Hamnett

The Bell

The Carrington

The Delany

The Burlison

The Boyce 

The Brett




We have suggested two lining and trim combinations for this fabric. If you would prefer another, please select 'Bespoke' from the lining options and advise us in the box which you would prefer. You can find our house options here.




If we are making to a standard size with bespoke adjustments, we aim to ship within 14 days. If you need yours more urgently, drop us an email and we will do our best!


For fully bespoke coats we can best advise on timing when discussing your ideas with you.




Please refer to our measurements chart for detailed size measurements.

limited edition ottoman stripe brocade

PriceFrom £1,000.00
  • Outer: 62% Viscose, 21% Flax, 17% Silk.


    Inner:  100% Silk

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