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One of Three. Limited Edition Wool Bouclé in a winter-weight wool by Linton Tweeds. 


A wonderful cream wool fabric that is fantastically tactile and which hangs and packs beautifully.


The fabric is shown here made up in the Frink and Bell coat. 


Suitable for


The Bell

The Carrington

The Nicholson

The Hamnett

The Boyce

The Burlinson

The Frink

The Hepworth


Lining & Trim Combinations


We have suggested two lining and trim combinations for this fabric. If you would prefer another, please select 'Bespoke' from the lining options and advise us in the box which you would prefer. You can find our house options here.




We would expect to ship your coat within 14-21 days of your placing the order. Should you need it sooner, do please let us know. We will always do our best!




Please refer to our measurements chart for detailed size measurements.

cream wool bouclé

PriceFrom £1,100.00
  • Outer: 100% Wool


    Inner:  100% Silk

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