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puffed shoulder coats or straight shoulder coats?

Shoulders are decisive in coats. They need to fit comfortably – neither constricting the wearer, nor transforming her into Tarzan.

But shoulders are decisive in more than size – show a women that likes a straight shoulder a coat a puffed shoulder, and you watch her wince; show a woman that prefers a puff a straight shoulder, and she will look away.

puffed shoulder coat
Puffed Shoulder Coat

At EdNerat we have a marginal preference for a treatment at the shoulder – not an exaggerated ballon, but a small series of pleats, a gentle gather or a neat box fold. Our sense is that these treatments soften things and create flattering silhouettes – as well as giving that little bit extra room in the bicep.

What has surprised us is quite how strongly our wearers feel about different shoulder treatments.

The designer has larger shoulders and biceps and feels a header treatment flatters them – but she has found as many women with similarly large arms and shoulders that feel quite the reverse.

Straight Shoulder Coat
Straight Shoulder Coat

All of which may go to explain why EdNerat offers all our coat styles with different shoulder options. Not all fabrics allow for all the treatments – but in those fabrics we can offer alternatives, we do.

Which do you prefer?

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