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beautiful bouclé coats

Updated: Mar 12

The magic of bouclé

linton tweeds bouclé
British Made Bouclé coat

On a first take, a bouclé can seem an extravagance – too exceptional to be wearable; too dramatic to for the every day. And yet bouclé is the most versatile, packable, matchable and incredibly durable of fabrics.

Some lighter, others heavier – at one end of the scale, a lighter cotton or cotton-mix bouclé can be worn on a summer's day, at the other end, a wool or wool-mix bouclé can be worn in the depths of winter. In the middle they are swell about the office, on the tube, or about the house (depending on how warm you keep yours!).

The texturing on plain bouclés makes them a livelier and often more matchable option than, say, a plain wool, while the mixed colours on some of our more heavily patterned bouclés tend to allow them to be worn with a heap of colours.

As wearable with jeans as they are to Ascot, we like to think our bouclé coats are a fresh take on a fabric traditionally reserved for suits, skirts and jackets.

British Made Bouclé Coat
British Made Bouclé

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