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and now for weskit

Updated: 4 days ago

From humble beginnings ....

We hate wastage at EdNerat and always put thought to what we can do with our remnants and short-ends. When you order a coat you can always ask us to pack up your remnants and include them – useful if you are thinking of having a hat or headband made, a small bag or similar. Otherwise, when there is enough, we make the ends up into padded hangers and send them on to the lucky buyers.

We make no promises on either - but if we can we will and regularly do! 

On occasion we end up with longer short-ends – too short for coats, but too long for hats and hangers. It was through this that Weskit came about – maker of mens' bespoke waistcoats. We source lots of our fabrics from makers normally reserved for menswear, and our tailors are specialised in both mens and womenswear, so adding mens' waistcoats was a logical addition.

We offer our waistcoats in a full range of sizes – in this case from a 36" chest to a 54" chest. If you need something different, just let us know.

As with our coats, each waistcoat is cut and made individually and can be cut longer or shorter than standard ... as well wider at the girth for those that need it.

We have two cuts - a comfortable Classic Cut and a more streamlined Tailored Cut as well as a choice of five collar types, a multitude of linings and a wonderful line-up of Harris & Lovat Tweed, Fox and Hainsworth Flannels, Linens Silk Matkas and more.

If you have a partner, friend or spouse in need of some tailoring, do please pass this on to them. Weskit is currently in soft launch and is offering free shipping and a free Weskit Cover | Carrier for all subscribers until the end of June.

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